Ruhrpumpen and Wolong Electric partnership

Ruhrpumpen and Wolong partner in the development of pumping equipment for the Missan Oil Field in Iraq

Ruhrpumpen Witten test bed

Ruhrpumpen will expand its German pump testing facility in Witten.

VCT Molten Salt Pump by Ruhrpumpen

Ruhrpumpen's engineering team designed a vertical molten salt pump for a concentrated solar power plant developed by Yumen Xinneng.

Pump Startup and Shutdown Procedure by Ruhrpumpen

Our team of experts share a practical checklist for the startup and shutdown procedures of a centrifugal pump.

Constant level oiler oil change procedure

Our team of experts explain the procedure for oil change in Constant Level Oilers for centrifugal process pumps

Ruhrpumpen pumps for mining industry

Heavy-duty and robust pumping equipment for mining operations and mineral processing.