Pumps for Oil and Gas market

Ruhrpumpen high-performance pumps for oil and gas industry built to API standards for crude oil and gases extraction, refining and processing.

 Pumps for Oil and Gas

Pumps for Power Generation market

Ruhrpumpen pumps for power generation services like: circulating water, boiler feed, condensates, cooling and auxiliary.

Pumps for Power Generation

Pumps for Industrial Applications

Custom-built centrifugal and reciprocating pump equipment and solutions for a wide range of industrial processes like food, paper, transportation, metals, etc.

Pumps for the Industrial Market

Pumps for Chemical Processing of corrosive materials

Ruhrpumpen pumps for corrosive and hazardous substance transportation and handling from various chemical processes.

Pumps for the Chemical Market

Pumps for Water and Wastewater management

In Ruhrpumpen, we provide tailor-made pumps for water and wastewater treatment, transport and distribution and uses like flood control, desalination, etc.

 Pumps for Water and Wastewater

Pumps for Mining Industry

Robust pumps for the mining industry that meet the needs of many applications during the extraction and processing of minerals

Pumps for the Mining Market