When it comes to offshore pumping solutions. Ruhrpumpen stands tall as your definitive Supplier of Choice.



With over 70 years of dedicated service in the oil and gas industry, Ruhrpumpen brings unparalleled technical expertise and customer support. Behind Ruhrpumpen’s success, stands a team of exceptionally skilled engineers who, with their expertise and dedication, are the architects of our success stories.

From inception to execution, our team meticulously design solutions tailored to optimize your offshore operations.

Their innovative approach ensures that our pump range, covering diverse marine and offshore applications, operates seamlessly, boasting not only trouble-free functionality but also exceptional performance marked by low energy consumption.

From deep ocean floors to remote well fields and challenging oil sands, Ruhrpumpen’s pumps endure the most unforgiving conditions in maritime and offshore operations.


Reliability, no matter where you are

Our commitment transcends geographical barriers. No matter how remote the location, we design and build pumping solutions precisely tailored to your needs. But our support doesn’t end there; we stand by you throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment.

In upstream production, transportation, refining, and beyond, Ruhrpumpen is your supplier of choice, ensuring reliability in every pump we deliver.





  • Cooling Ballast
  • Seawater
  • Firefighting Water
  • Process Water
  • Oils


  • Liquefied Gases (FLNG, FPU, FPSO)
  • Aggressive and Non-aggressive Chemicals
  • Engine Room Pumps
  • Cargo Pumps
  • And much more


  Pumps for Oil & Gas


Operational safety, environmental preservation, and sustainability are non-negotiable priorities

Understanding the paramount importance of safeguarding both the environment and the personnel on board, we meticulously design and construct our equipment in strict adherence to stringent API standards and regulations. Each pump undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee seamless on-site startup and enduring, trouble-free service cycles.


Ruhrpumpen’s commitment extends beyond functionality; it’s about reliability in the face of diverse fluid challenges. We ensure our pumps are not just versatile but also aligned with your safety, environmental, and operational goals.


 At Ruhrpumpen, our dedication doesn’t end with product delivery; it extends to comprehensive after-sales support.

We understand the impact unexpected breakdowns can have on your operations and the critical importance of swift resolutions. That’s why our global network of service centers extends to every corner of the world, ensuring that even in the most remote locations, you have access to local service centers equipped with substantial inventories of replacement parts.

At Ruhrpumpen, our after-sales service isn’t just about parts; it’s about a global commitment to keeping your operations smoothly running, no matter where you are. 




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