Pumping solutions for power generation services

There is no doubt that power is a key driver of human progress. As the global population continues to expand, the demand for electrical energy is forecast to grow. Moreover, energy production is a challenging industry where process efficiency, emission control and safety requirements are key factors.

With a long history of innovation in pumping technology, Ruhrpumpen has been providing high-performance equipment to plant engineering contractors and operators in the Power Generation Industry for more than 65 years. Supported by our global team of experienced industry professionals and engineers, we offer a wide range of pump systems that are specially designed for use in nuclear, fossil fuel, geothermal, combined cycle and other power generation plants. Where high pressures and high temperatures are involved, Ruhrpumpen pumps are absolutely reliable, even under extreme operating conditions. Our pumps help power plants of all types around the world to increase uptime, reduce emissions to the atmosphere and improve efficiency.

Some of the services of power generation plants in which our vertical and horizontal pumps can be found are:

  • Boiler feed water services
  • Circulating water services
  • Condensate water service
  • Cooling water service
  • Flue gas desulfurization services
  • Auxiliary services

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RP pumps for Power Generation Plants

Combined Cycle Power Plants

One of the most efficient, flexible and widely used power generation technologies nowadays. Ruhrpumpen pumping equipment reduces emissions to the atmosphere while meeting the stringent requirements of these plants with low maintenance costs.

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RP pumps for Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems convert sunlight into power by concentrating the solar thermal energy through a set of mirrors or lenses into a small area. The concentrated heat is then used to drive a steam turbine connected to an electrical power generator. Many pumps play an important role in this process:

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Pumps for Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Our specialized team in nuclear design is able to provide new pumps and service through our nuclear service center, an accredited ASME facility.

RP pumps for Conventional Steam Plants

Conventional Steam Plants

We work hand-in-hand with thermal power stations in the design of efficient pumps for boiler feed, condensate extraction, and cooling water applications.

RP pumps for Geothermal Power Generation

Geothermal Plants

Specialized and reliable pumps for high-temperature applications in geothermal power generation plants.

RP pumps for Coal Gasifications Power Plants

Coal Gasification Plants

Robust and heavy-duty pumps for the handling of extremely hot and aggressive media in coal gasification power plants.

RP pumps for Biomass Power Generation Plants

Industrial and Biomass Plants

Our pumps meet the waste-to-energy sector special needs and requirements helping reduce the fugitive emissions to the atmosphere with great energy efficiency.

RP pumps for Hydroelectric Power Generation

Pumped Storage and Hydroelectric

Our reverse-running centrifugal pumps are a cost-effective alternative to hydraulic turbines as they increase output and improve efficiency.

RP pumps for Emerging Power Generation Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Through our comprehensive portfolio of pumping solutions and related services, we are able to offer innovative technologies that will improve performance, reduce downtimes and facilitate maintenance and repair tasks for any power generation plant.