• RP Success Story

Remote monitoring of sea water lift pump installation and commissioning

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our aftermarket service team and the customer arranged a CCTV system.

Ruhrpumpen had supplied a vertical pump, model VTP 11LQ, for sea water lift service in an offshore platform in the coast of Vietnam. The pump will be operated by the second largest japanese petroleum refiner.

Installation was scheduled during the end of June 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic didn't allow for our team to travel to the site. This didn't stop them and they arranged with the client to setup a CCTV system at the pump house that would help our team assist and monitor the pump installation.

Remote monitoring of sea water lift pump installation

The project team started the installation of the complete pump unit on june 29th and they completed it just 5 days later.

"Ruhrpumpen has conducted induction training with the project team. Our team did their best to clearly explain the complete pump installation procedure and aided the project team to fill the necessary checklist."

- Project Manager

With this project, Ruhrpumpen demonstrated its ability to keep supporting our customers despite the obstacles. The customer chose Ruhrpumpen thanks to our capacity to manufacture the most reliable vertical pumps for offshore facilities.