VSP Sump Pump

Vertical Sump Pumps (VSP and VSP Non-Clog)

VSP Sump Pump by RP
VSP Sump Pump by RP
VSP Sump Pump by RP
Vertically suspended, single casing, sump pumps for wet pit applications in Standard and Non-Clog models.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 1,200 m³/h (5,285 gpm)
Head up to 130 m (425 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 40 bar (580 psi)
Temperature up to 200 °C (400 °F)
Sump Depth up to 6.1 m (20 ft)
Applications Sump Drainage, Flood Control, Air Wash Systems, Power Plants, Industrial Processes, Condensation Control, Hydrocarbon Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Wet Pit, Water Treatment, Dewatering Service, Automotive Solvents.


The VSP model, available in 28 different sizes, is a sump pump with a semi-open impeller, designed for clean water. Ruhrpumpen also counts with the VSP Non-Clog model, a solids handling sump pump with an enclosed impeller. It is designed to handle water with solids as big as 4’’ of diameter in 18 pump sizes.

Standard construction for both types of our sump pumps is cast iron. However, any other sizes and material configurations can be manufactured according to our customer's necessities.

  • Single stage centrifugal sump pump
  • Volute type case
  • Cast iron motor support
  • Flexible shaft coupling
  • Steel cover plate
  • Up to 20 ft sump depth
  • 416SS Shaft
  • Cast iron casing
  • Cast iron impeller, semi-open for VSP and enclosed for VSP NON-CLOG
  • Steel basket strainer
  • Grease lubricated line bearings with bronze bushing as standard
  • These pumps require horizontal motor flange “C” to work in vertical position
  • Steam Jacket
  • Column Bearings
  • Level measuring instruments and controls