A cost-effective solution to restore a damaged or worn part





Our solution to provide customers access to worn or obsolete pump parts, material upgrades and design improvements for any pump. Re-Engineering is not replicating, it’s improving the current design, extending the parts life cycle and reducing operating down times. When possible, we can improve hydraulic efficiency, ultimately reducing energy and operating costs for you.


Along with our Re-engineering service and our Additive Manufacturing technology paired with our Global Parts Manufacturing Center, we can achieve quick turnaround for finished machined parts.



Re-Engineering as a Service


Ruhrpumpen Vertical Integration
Ruhrpumpen 65 years of experience
Presence in 35 countries
RP manufacturing facilities
Aftermarket Service in 20 countries

We can re-engineer your non-Ruhrpumpen pump parts, delivering new, ready to use machined parts while improving them in the process.

There are many customers in need for non-Ruhrpumpen spare parts that are either no longer available or have great lead times from their existing OEM.

Our team scans your parts using the latest all in one PCMM and dedicated reverse engineering software’s to then digitize into detailed 3D Models.

Ruhrpumpen’s Hydraulic Engineering Department provides support by validating our hydraulic designs, making sure we exceed the originally designed part.

REAP paired with our additive manufacturing services provides spare parts in a matter of weeks. Our AM service allows us to decrease casting lead times and achieve dimensions closer to the original CAD Design.



Re-Engineering Process


Scan and Measure.

PCMM/Laser Hand measurements Pictures

Reverse Engineering original part
Recreate 3D Model

Review captured information

Reverse Engineering 3d modelling of part
Improve and Validate Design 

Materials Design improvements

Reverse Engineering final remanufactured part
Release for Manufacturing.

Machining drawings, casting drawings.

Reverse Engineering original part
Additive Manufacturing Design

Design feeding and gating Casting simulations Design core and mold

Reverse Engineering 3d modelling of part

Print and clean printed parts Ship

Reverse Engineering final remanufactured part

Cores and molds get assembled Poured and cleaned

Reverse Engineering final remanufactured part




Customer benefits:

  • Supply of obsolete components
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved mechanical and hydraulic performance
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Our parts can be applied to pumps manufactured by other companies


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