VMT Vertical Process Pump

Vertical Canned Process Pumps

VMT Vertical Canned Process Pump
VMT Vertical Canned Process Pump
VMT Pump with double suction
VMT Pump with double suction
The VMT is a vertical double casing type pump with a single or multistage bowl assembly contained in a suction barrel.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 90,850 m³/h (400,000 gpm)
Head up to 900 m (3,000 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 90 bar (1,300 psi)
Temperature -196 to 250 °C (-320 to 500 °F)
Applications Oil & Gas: hydrocarbons, pipeline, refineries / Power generation: condensate services / Municipal: water, wastewater treatment, flood service


By multistaging series stages in the medium specific speed design range, the VMT provides outstanding efficiencies and low cost operation in high head applications. The special first stage allows operation with extremely low NPSH requirements while running at optimum speeds.

  • Low NPSH "Shockless Entry"
  • Integral fabricated column support bearings
  • Ring and key impeller mounting
  • One-piece shaft construction for shaft lengths to 20 ft (6 m)
  • Rigid 4-piece coupling
  • Construction according to API 610 latest edition (VS6 type)
  • Fabrications manufactured using ASME Section IX code qualified welders
  • Fabrications designed to national standards when required
  • Wide range of hydraulic designs to suit all applications
  • Choice of bearings and mechanical seals
  • Pump mounted thrust bearing when required
  • Tank or sump mount options available

Thanks to RP's years of experience in the design of the VMT pump, it is suitable for high pressure / high temperature services.