VAF Vertical Axial Flow Pump

Vertical Axial Flow Impeller Pumps

The VAF pump family is comprised by the VPO, PV, PMR and PVD models and is suited for applications that require large quantities of flow with low head.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 22,712 m³/h (100,000 gpm)
Head 18 m (60 ft)
Maximum Pressure 2 bar (26 psi)
Temperature 0 to 95 °C (32 to 203 °F)
Applications All applications that require large quantities of water with low head, including: drainage, flood control, irrigation, waste treatment plants, condenser cooling, construction dewatering and raw water intakes.


  • Multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump, diffuser type bowl
  • Axial flow impeller, high efficiency
  • Can handle solids up to 365 mm (14 inch) in diameter
  • Counter clockwise rotation viewed from shaft coupling
  • API 610 latest edition construction available (VS3 type)
  • Above or below base discharge
  • Discharge elbows designed to reduce friction losses, diffusers designed to minimize turbulence and increase efficiency
  • Product, oil or fresh water lubrication
  • Rotor ‘Pull-Out’ design available
  • Bowls: Cast iron with bronze impeller
  • Column: Carbon steel with AISI-1045 shaft
  • Discharge head: Fabricated steel

  • Basket type strainer
  • Extended suction bell (umbrella) to minimize vortices