STV Vertical Sewage Pump

Two Channel Impeller Centrifugal Pump

The type STV pump is the vertical variant of the ST pump, with non-clogging and non-stringing two-channel impeller in pot design. The STV is suitable for pumping sewage with coarse solid matter and fibrous content without upstream screen. For horizontal installation check the ST pump model.

Operation limits

Capacity 400 to 8,500 m³/h (1,750 to 37,500 gpm)
Head 3.5 to 32 m (11.5 to 105 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 4.5 bar (65 psi)
Temperature -10 to 80 °C (14 to 176 °F)
Speed up to 1,180 rpm
Applications Disposal or wastewater, Raw sewage, Activated sludge, Mixed water, Fecal matter, Rain water


The STV vertical sewage pump is designed with a bearing bracket for direct drive with electric motor via flexible coupling. Support of the motor via pump casing and motor stool or installation on a separate floor.

  • Vertical installation
  • Single suction
  • Single stage centrifugal pump
  • Two-channel pot impeller
  • Heavy-duty bearing bracket
  • Radially split
  • Tangential discharge nozzle
  • Bearing bracket for direct drive by electric motor, via flexible coupling
  • Compact design, for direct coupling with electric motor
  • Back shroud blades on the impeller serve as axial thrust compensation and protection against intrusion of particles into the area of the shaft seal
  • Casing: Cast iron GG-25
  • Wear Ring: Cast iron GG-25
  • Impeller: Cast iron GG-25
  • Shaft sealing: PTFE-coated sealing rings with grease lubrication
  • Shaft sleeve: G-X20 Cr14
  • Seal cover: Steel
  • Pump shaft: Steel C 45
  • Motor shaft: Steel C 45