LS Barge Self-Priming Pump

Vertical high flow, self-priming pump

LS Barge Vertical High Flow Pump
LS Barge Vertical High Flow Pump
The LS Barge Pump is a high flow vertical self-contained pumping unit that efficiently handles relatively large volumes of liquids, including gasoline, fuel, oil and sea water during barge unloading and transfer operations. It features a primary self-priming first stage impeller and a pollution prevention design that accommodates a wide range of liquids used in today's industries.

Operation limits

Capacity 182 to 1,136 m³/h (800 to 5,000 gpm)
Head 12 to 107 m (40 to 350 ft)
Temperature up to 74 °C (164 °F)
Applications Barge stripping / dewatering, Ballast operation, Transfer of petroleum distillates including: gasoline, fuel oils, light lubricants and some heavy oils (not to exceed 48 sCt (1,500 SSU)).


The LS Barge Pump can efficiently handle a relatively large volume of liquids. It is unique that the pump is arranged with a primary self-priming stage which, when sealed with liquid, operates as a vacuum pump for exhausting air or vapors from the suction line.

  • Vertical self-contained pump
  • Primary self-priming first stage impeller
  • Capable of handling air and product for efficient stripping
  • Requires minimum amount of space as a vertical unit
  • Handles large variety of petroleum distillates and seawater during offloading process
  • Efficient function under adverse stripping phase
  • No need for auxiliary vacuum pump to maintain prime
  • Pollution prevention design system to minimize costly product clean up
  • Broad range of metallurgies available for special applications