DX Vertical Process Pump

Heavy-Duty, Double Suction, Vertical Process Pump

DX Vertical Process Pump by RP
RP's type DX is a heavy-duty, vertical double suction, twin volute, single stage, centrifugal design. It has good NPSH characteristics and is ideal for open sumps, channels, lakes and rivers.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 3,630 m³/h (16,000 gpm)
Head up to 82 m (270 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 14 bar (200 psi)
Temperature -28 to 135 °C (-20 to 275 °F)
Applications Cooling towers and other applications requiring large volumes of liquid with relative high head, Raw water intake


The single impeller develops the higher heads and capacities without the need for additional stages. DX pump is a very versatile model where can be used as a double suction first stage of any of our VCT models and VMT models.

Without the restriction of narrowest possible diameter as for well pumps, the twin volute has larger waterways and low liquid velocities, which also reduces abrasive wear and minimizes corrosion and erosion effects.

  • Twin volute case designed to efficiently convert to pressure de velocity added to the liquid by the impeller
  • The impeller is an enclosed double-suction centrifugal type
  • Flared suction bell that directs the liquid into the impeller
  • Casing wear rings in the suction bell on both sides of the impeller
  • Bell bearings in the suction bells inmediately adjacent to either side of the impeller
  • Transition diffuser to provide a smooth hydraulic flow from the volute to the column pipe
  • Vertical space saving construction
  • Above or below base discharge
  • Oil lubricated column, or it may be forced lubricated by the pumped liquid
  • Packed stuffing box or mechanical seal
  • Optional renewable impeller wear rings may be provided