SPN Vertical In-Line Pump

Vertical In-Line API 610 (OH5 type) Process Pumps

SPN Vertical In-Line Process Pump
SPN Vertical In-Line Process Pump
SPN Vertical In-Line API610 Centrifugal Pump
SPN Heavy-Duty Vertical In-Line Pump
The SPN is a vertical in-line, single stage, single suction centrifugal pumps accordance to API 610 latest edition (OH5 type) and mechanical seal chamber in accordance with API 682

Operation limits

Capacity up to 550 m³/h (2,420 gpm)
Head up to 280 m (920 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 40 bar (600 psi)
Temperature -80 to 260 °C (-112 to 500 °F)
Applications Petroleum refining, Oil & gas production and distribution, Petrochemical applications, Chemical and process industries


The SPN vertical in-line pump was engineered in accordance to API 610 latest edition (OH5 type). It is suitable to be directly mounted into the piping, being supported by an integral compact mounting foot, without the need of a foundation. This pump is designed to handle a wide range of process fluids and has one of the broadest hydraulic coverages in the industry.

  • Radially split, vertical in-line centrifugal pump
  • Foot mounted
  • Single & double volute casings (depending on size)
  • Single suction, dynamically balanced, closed impeller
  • Thrust compensation by balance holes and back & front wear ring diameters
  • Side-Side in-line nozzle arrangement
  • Materials of construction per API 610

Other materials available on request


Heavy-duty process design according to API 610 latest edition (OH5 type)

  • Closed coupled design
  • Replaceable wear rings for casing and impeller