SKO Horizontal Sewage Pump

Three-Channel Impeller Sewage Pump

The type SKO is a horizontal sewage centrifugal pump with three-channel impeller for dry installation and universal use, suitable for pumping activated sludge as well as mixed, rain and raw water with upstream screen. For vertical installation check the SKV model.

Operation limits

Capacity 250 to 3,000 m³/h (1,100 to 13,220 gpm)
Head 2 to 20 m (6 to 131 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 2 bar (29 psi)
Temperature -10 to 60 °C (14 to 140 °F)
Applications Wastewater, Combined sewage, Rain water, Fecal matter, Activated sludge


  • Horizontal installation
  • Single suction, single stage
  • Radially split casing with axial suction nozzle, tangencial discharge nozzle heading upward (end/top) and a cleaning opening near the pump discharge
  • Three channel mixed flow closed impeller
  • Bearing bracket
  • Horizontal pump DN 250 up to DN 500, for direct drive with electric motor via direct or flexible coupling or via V-belt drive, e.g. with pick-a-back mounted electric motor
  • Shaft sealing by mechanical seal
  • Front shroud blades on the impeller
  • Back shroud blades on the impeller serve as axial thrust compensation and protection against intrusion of particles into the area of the shaft seal