IVP-CC Vertical In-Line Pump

Vertical In-Line Close Coupled Pump

The IVP-CC model is a vertical in-line close coupled centrifugal pump. Its design allows direct connection to the pipelines, minimizing installation costs. It also features case and impeller interchangeability with the IVP split coupled model.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 367 m3/h (1,616 gpm)
Head up to 122 m (200 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 5.46 bar (79.21 psi)
Temperature -45 to 150 °C (-50 to 300 °F)
Applications Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Coal, Fiber, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical Fats and Oils, Fabrication Utility, Fire Service, Air Conditioning Systems, Ocean and Condensed Water, Building Water Supply Systems


Available in 28 hydraulic sizes.

  • Single stage, single suction vertical in-line pump
  • Close coupled
  • Radially split casing with side-side suction and discharge configuration
  • Fully enclosed impeller dynamically balanced to avoid vibration
  • Top Pull-Out design allows complete rotating assembly
  • Flanged suction and discharge aligned to center line
  • Interchangeable case and impeller with the IVP Split Coupled model
  • Copper air relief valve avoids pressure accumulation
  • Compact design
  • Cast Iron / SST (CF8)