CPP ANSI Process Pump

ASME / ANSI B73.1 Process Pump

CPP ANSI Process Pump by Ruhrpumpen
CPP ANSI Process Pump by Ruhrpumpen
CPP Process Pump by Ruhrpumpen
CPP Process Pumps by Ruhrpumpen
Designed to exceed the ANSI / ASME B73.1 specification, the CPP is a horizontal, single stage, end suction, centrifugal pump that works around a basic hydraulic and mechanical concept to guarantee its efficiency across a broad range of operating conditions, application flexibility and interchangeability.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 2886 m3/h (12 700 GPM)
Head up to 235 m (770 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 26 bar (375 psig)
Temperature -45 to 315 °C (-50 to 600 °F)
Discharge flanges 1'' to 8''
Applications Chemical & Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Mining and General Industries such as: Steel Industry, Automotive, Agriculture, Tank Farm, Pulp and Paper, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, among others.


The CPP pump is an overhung centrifugal pump of horizontal, end suction, single stage, centerline discharge design, in accordance to the ANSI / ASME B73.1 standard.

  • Single stage, horizontal centrifugal pump
  • Radially split casing with flanged connections
  • Horizontal end suction and top discharge on the center line
  • Enclosed impeller
  • Clock-wise rotation (viewed from coupling end)
  • Foot mounted
  • Oil lubricated
  • Quick ship program

Low flow, high head design model available: CPP-L

  • ANSI / ASME B73.1 standard
  • Back pull-out design for ease of maintenance
  • Standard or large bore stuffing box selection allows for use of packing

Also available:

  • Close coupled assembly
  • Options for high and low temperatures
  • C-Frame (for proper alignment and better seal life)

Standard materials:

  • All Ductile Iron
  • Ductile Iron / Stainless Steel (CF8M)
  • All 316 Stainless Steel (CF8M)

Also available upon request:

  • Alloy 20, Hastelloy and other materials
  • 150# 300# RF or FF flanges per material allowances
  • Heavy duty solid SS shaft standard for minimum deflection
  • Zirconium

Standard steel, Non Metallic, PIP and other base plate designs available

Pump Performance Chart

Pump performance curve for the CPP pump:

CPP Pump Selection Chart 2 Poles CPP Pump Selection Chart 4 Poles