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Ruhrpumpen offers a broad range of pumping technologies and solutions to meet and exceed the requirements of a large variety of applications within the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Water and Industrial markets.

RP's centrifugal, reciprocating and specialty pumps are compliant with the most demanding industry standards such as: ISO, API, Hydraulic Institute and ANSI/ASME. In addition, Ruhrpumpen offers fire protection pumps and systems designed and manufactured to meet the latest NFPA standards.

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Overhung Pumps

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Magnetic Driven Pumps by RP

Magnetic Driven Pumps

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Sealless mag drive pumps for complex chemical process applications

"Magnetic drive" refers to the coupling between the wet end of the pump and the motor. The dynamic seal that would normally be used to seal the pump shaft is replaced by a static containment shell to form a completely sealed liquid end or pressure boundary.

Magnetic drive pumps are a cost-effective solution as they require less maintenance because they do not use gland packings or mechanical seals. They are also a highly reliable alternative against traditional sealed pumps condsidering they have zero leakage of fugitive emissions.

RP's sealless pumps operate with great efficiency and are a clear choice for hard-to-seal chemical handling applications; especially with potentially toxic, volatile, highly corrosive, acidic and costly liquids, allowing to follow strict environmental and safety regulations for many process industries.

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Magnetic Drive Pumps