Pre-Packaged Systems

Pre-packaged Fire Suppression Systems

HSC Electric Skid Fire System by RP
HSC Electric Skid Fire System by RP
Housed Fire Package by RP Systems
RP's Pre-Packaged Systems are available with or without enclosure and ready for installation. Their designs satisfy the most stringent operational testing to meet safety standards established by the NFPA.

Operation limits

Pressure from 40 to 519 + PSI
Flow from 150 to 5000 GPM
Drive Electric or Diesel
Applications Commercial, municipal and residential high-rise buildings, Large industrial premises and storage warehouses, Offshore and remote facilities, Airports, Power stations


Ruhrpumpen's Pre-Packaged Systems incorporate pumps, drivers, control systems and pipework in a single container for an easier installation. They can be skid mounted, with or without full house enclosures, and supplied with electric motor or diesel engine.

RP's Pre-Packaged Fire Systems can be dimensioned to perfectly match the specific requirements of any application

  • ETL/C-ETL Third Party listing components
  • UL listed and FM approved components
  • NFPA 20 full compliance
  • NFPA 850 compliant
  • Certified ASME section IX welding, AWS D1.1 certified structural welders

  • Single source responsibility
  • Factory tested
  • Reduced field installation costs
  • Delivered to site in a single shipment
  • International distribution and start-up capabilities
  • Compact design makes it space efficient
  • Completely wired

Ruhrpumpen also designs offshore Fire Pump Systems with ABS certification for floating offshore facilities


Standard materials include:

  • Cast iron
  • Bronze Fitted

Special materials available on request

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Hydrant systems
  • Water curtains

Ruhrpumpen Fire Pumps and Systems Certifications