Drill Stem Drive

Hydraulic Decoking Systems

The patented Ruhrpumpen Drill Stem Drive provides a new and robust design with efficient operational features for Coke Cutting Systems. It can be installed without interruption to existing operation and adapted to existing crossheads without modification to the control limit switches or mechanical stops.

Operation limits

DCU Max Torque: 7,500 Nm (5,500 lb ft)
Max Pressure: 420 bar (6,090 psi)
Applications Hydraulic Decoking Systems


  • Can normally be installed without interruption to decoking operations
  • Fits within the existing swivel envelope
  • Can be adapted to existing crossheads without modification to control limit switches or mechanical stops
  • Can easily revise existing connection to the drill stem from a unibolt coupling to a FlangeLok® or equivalent flanged connection

  • Max Torque: 7,500 Nm (5,500 lb ft)
  • Max Bearing Load: 65,000 kg (143,000 lbs) @ 15 rpm
  • Max Operating Pressure: 420 bar (6,090 psi)
Reduced Maintenance:
  • Oil reservoir at main gear eliminated
  • Potential contamination points eliminated
  • Grease lubrication (eliminates oil bath lubrication) at all main points
Improved maintenance features:
  • One long-life bearing (13 year B10), instead of the three-bearing design installed in non-Ruhrpumpen design
  • Reduction in number of parts and potential leakage paths in comparison to non-Ruhrpumpen designs
  • Main Bearing/gear cartridge, can be changed in the field
  • Packing cartridges designed for quick replacement
  • Cartridge design reduces the number of parts and permits quick repair of the unit on the cutting deck
  • This inturn reduces the potential requirement for a crane rental
Drive Flexibility:

Available as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic driven unit.

NOTE: Ruhrpumpen's Service and Repair Centers can supervise or perform cartridge change out on the cutting deck

Other Decoking components and services

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Moreover, our Global Service Network is fully equipped to offer spare parts and repair services for decoking equipment and systems. Our experience includes Freefall Arrestor revamps and retrofits without interruption to existing operations.