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After over 30 years reliable service Spolchemie chemicals once again choose a Ruhrpumpen API 674 pump for their Polymer Process

Ruhrpumpen, a leading global centrifugal and reciprocating pump technology company supplying engineered solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, process, industrial and mining markets, has recently completed an order for an API 674 3rd edition Reciprocating Plunger Pump.

SPOLCHEMIE - Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu, akciová společnost, is to replace an existing Ruhrpumpen unit delivering Propene as part of their Epoxy Resin manufacturing process.

Spolchemie is a leading research and manufacturing business developing and supplying the epoxy resin and special epoxy systems, alkyd resins and inorganic chemicals for a wide range of industrial, construction, transport and agricultural applications. The company has a long history spanning over 160 years. Many of their processes are reliant upon dependable systems to guarantee safe and consistent production. Transfer pumps form a critical part of any process or system and need to be extremely reliable to maintain safety and product consistency. Proof that Ruhrpumpen products are reliable came when the UK centre of excellence for Reciprocating Pumps were contacted regarding an RDP 60c Reciprocating unit delivered over 30 years ago.

Reciprocating Pump for Spolchemie's Polymer Process

As part of a process review Spolchemie were looking at the transfer pumps. Obviously happy with the existing unit they were considering either an overhaul to as new condition or replacement with a modern unit. Naturally Ruhrpumpen UK Ltd maintain records for all delivered packages even ones decades old. Several options were discussed as the pumps are a critical part of the process. Ruhrpumpen offer a site survey service that can assess condition in advance of overhaul and can either perform partial on site refurbishment or provide an as new recondition service from their workshops in the UK.

As Spolchemie were unable to spare the service pump for any length of time for reconditioning and the advantages of recent refinements in pump technology were clear, it was decided to replace the old pump with an entirely new RDP 70/44 unit. Critical factors were short, on time delivery, seamless integration with existing plant infrastructure and of course price.

“It comes as no surprise that our product is reliable as that is how all our products are designed, although it is always good to see the proof in a satisfied customer. Our engineering team excel at designing new product but equally relish the challenge of restoring a pump developed a generation ago to the peak of health. In business we have found it is vital to support our customer base it builds on our established reputation and of course it is also where new orders can be found.”

Simon Watteau, Managing Director of the Ruhrpumpen Reciprocating Plunger Pumps business

Ruhrpumpen's RDP Pump Range

When it comes to reciprocating plunger pumps you won’t find any better than our RDP series in triplex and quintuplex formats and full compliance with API 674 3rd edition and ISO13710. Designed and assembled in the UK, our reciprocating plunger pumps are specified for the most demanding high-pressure duties across industries.

Full description of the RDP pump line