Pumps for Combined Cycle Power Plants

Ruhrpumpen has been providing high-performance and reliable equipment to plant engineering contractors and operators of Combined Cycle Power Plants for more than 65 years. From utility water pumps and firefighting pump systems to boiler feed pumps and large diameter vertical cooling water pumps... we have you covered!

Combined cycle gas turbine power plants have the highest thermal efficiency in the power generation industry. This means lower-cost electricity and better care of the environment.

Ruhrpumpen pumps for combined cycle power plants

Combined Cycle Power Plant diagram

Boiler Feed Pumps

At the heart of the process, the BFP feeds high pressure, high temperature water to a steam generator, such as Boiler or HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator), so power can be produced.

RP models: GP

Condensate Pumps

CPs are required to handle low pressure water leaving the condenser, hence this service often requires vertical canned pumps suitable for use on low or zero NPSH applications.

RP models: VLT, VCT, VTP

Cooling Water Pumps

CWPs circulate large volumes of water from cooling towers or other sources, such as a lake or river, to the condenser. Typically require high flows, but low head.

RP models: VCT