Crude oil and refined product pipeline pumps

Since the 60's, Ruhrpumpen has engineered and manufactured pumping solutions for the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas resources need to be transported over long distances from their point of extraction. From offshore platforms and onshore extraction fields, to refineries and storage tanks, and later to the final consumer, pipelines are the most cost-efficient method to transfer large quantities of hydrocarbons.

The transportation by pipeline of crude oil and refined products is a challenging task due to the loss of momentum over time and distance. In order to keep hydrocarbons flowing through the pipelines under high pressure, pump stations are placed along them. These pumping stations are often located in remote locations and in extreme climates, demanding for trustworthy and energy efficient pumping equipment that meets the increasingly demanding requirements of this industry.

With over 15,000 units installed worldwide and an extensive hydraulic coverage, RP pumps provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for transportation, transfer, storage and cargo stripping operations. Our pipeline pumps have capacities up to 44,000 gpm (10,000 m³/h) with heads up to 4,000 ft (1,200 m). From pump selection and engineering to testing and installation, our customers can expect the best support from our team of highly experienced engineers. We work hand in hand with the customer to develop the optimal pumping solution for their pipeline service.

API Engineering Expertise

We have a wide experience engineering solutions for pumping stations, terminals and tank farms in accordance to the latest API specifications. Our API 610 centrifugal pumps and API 674 reciprocating pumps, operate in oil pipeline pumping stations worldwide... moving crude oil and refined products from remote extraction sites and across varied terrains to storage hubs and refineries.

Intensive research and development ensure that our pipeline pumps are continuously improved to meet the latest technical requirements.

ZM Mainline Pipeline Pump

Pipeline pumps are often running under severe operation conditions. To maintain them at their best performance and prevent costly downtimes, our Global Service Network is able to offer pump repair and upgrades, specialized training, spare parts and reverse engineering services.