Pumping solutions for chemical processing applications

Ruhrpumpen chemical pump range for transportation and handling of aggressive, corrosive, and even explosive fluids.

As the chemical industry places high demands on pumps, requiring uninterrupted production and the assurance of safety and environmental regulations, selecting the right pump for your chemical application is of vital importance. Ruhrpumpen expert team addresses and meets the chemical processing challenges in adherence to the industry’s best practices and always valuing workplace safety and environmental regulations.

It doesn’t matter if you are transferring the most hazardous chemicals in the industry, we have the pump for you. Our portfolio of pumping technologies includes a wide ranges of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps for many different chemical processes with a long-term proven reliability. Besides, we offer an extensive collection of corrosion-resistant materials—metallic and non-metallic—for the safest handling of fluids in the chemical processing.

Ruhrpumpen’s experience through +65 years of pump technology manufacturing, has resulted in the world’s biggest companies using our pumps for heavy chemical handling applications. From plants dedicated to biochemical processes and biofuel production to factories of bioplastic and facilities dedicated to the pharmaceutical production, our wide range of chemical duty pump have proven to be a clear option for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Some of the processes where Ruhrpumpen's Chemical Process pumps are used:

  • Amine Treating Plants
  • Lean / Semi Lean / Rich Amine Solutions
  • Acid / Alky Services
  • Sulfuric Acid Services
  • Acetic Acid Services
  • Liquid CO2 Services
  • Hydrofluoric Acid Services

Pumps for the Chemical Market

Commodity Chemicals

Industrial chemical handling for the large scale production of inorganic and organic chemicals.

Specialty Chemicals

Versatile and reliable, our highly-engineered solutions offer the best option for batch processing techniques.


The safest and most efficient pump equipment for the production of medications.


Cost-effective pumping solutions for the ever-evolving industry of renewable chemicals and fuels.

Ruhrpumpen pumps for transportation and handling of chemical substances:


Ruhrpumpen horizontal chemical duty pumps meet the specifications of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME B73.1 standard:

Magnetic Driven Pumps

Our sealless centrifugal pumps with permanent magnetic drive can handle more than 150 different chemicals, plus a large number of mixtures in DIN/ISO and API configurations:

Reciprocating Plunger Pumps

Ruhrpumpen RDP series in triplex and quintuplex formats and full compliance with API 674 3rd edition and ISO 13710, specified for the most demanding high-pressure duties across industries: