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Ruhrpumpen present at Refcomm 2017

The Ruhrpumpen Hydraulic Decoking Team was present at Refcomm 2017, a worldwide conference for the Decoking and Refinery industry and professionals organized by refiningcommunity.com. It was celebrated from October 2nd to the 6th in Budapest.

Ruhrpumpen Decoking Business Unit booth at Refcomm 2017

Due to the importance of this conference and the chance to approach existing and potential customers in the European continent, Ruhrpumpen participated with a booth in the exhibition area, a joint presentation with OMV-Petrom Romania and the participation of our experts in two discussion panels.

The assistance of approximately 180 participants from refiners and other industry professionals, gave our team the chance to connect with customers from Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Romania, Spain and USA. Furthermore, it allowed our team to establish new relationships with potential customers.

In past years, our team often presented about the different features and advantages of the Ruhrpumpen Coke Cutting System. However, this year our Decoking Team made, for the first time, a common presentation with OMV-Petrom Romania with the topic: "Modernization of Romaninan Cokers, executed in a major revamp at OMV Petrom Refinery". In it, Vera Predescu, OMV Project Manager, and Dr. Wolfgang Paul, our Decoking Business Director, talked about how to improve the safety operation in a Coker Unit. This presentation earned a large auditorium, as the European and Russian markets have several Coker Units that were built in the 1960s - 1990s.

On the other hand, Ruhrpumpen was invited to participate in the discussion panels "Best practices for keeping your coker clean" and "Closing the gap to 100% coke drum unheading automation", where our team shared some of their expertise about Delayed Coker Units.

As a result, Ruhrpumpen was able to strengthen its position in the Delayed Coker Market worldwide.