Due to the winter storm that hit the United States, Northern Mexico and parts of Canada in mid-February, two units that were part of the operations of an important cement plant located in the state of Oklahoma, froze and suffered considerable damage, making its immediate replacement necessary to minimize the impact in the operations.

Following unsuccessful attempts to find a local supplier that could provide a quick and effective solution, the customer reached out to Ruhrpumpen.  Working with our local Distributor, Pioneer Industrial, we made a rapid assessment of the situation and gave an immediate and satisfactory solution to his request.

Through a coordinated effort by our entire team, working around the clock, the pumps were assembled and shipped from our Monterrey, Mexico facility to the customer's site in Oklahoma, in just under 86 hours, arriving at 3:00 AM Saturday morning.

"It is not the first time we have done something like this. Making quick decisions and offering effective solutions to similar situations is something that characterizes us. Every day we work to become the supplier of choice for our clients, in cases like these we demonstrate it", said Ricardo Elizondo, Managing Director, Ruhrpumpen Industrial.

The pumps, a HSD 3x2x14B and a HSD 4x3x14A, CIBF with seals, are part of our range of industrial pumps (BB1 type) designed and built according to the standards of the Hydraulic Institute (HI). It is part of the HS/ZW range of split case pumps by Ruhrpumpen, which includes the: HSC, HSL, HSR, HSM and ZW models.