• Press Release

Ruhrpumpen successfully delivered a major pump component for the largest geothermal power plant in America, ran by Calpine.

A “bad actor” in the Big Geysers Calpine power plant reported to Ruhrpumpen by a third-party actor, got our team to work with the plant’s maintenance manager in the development of a Nozzle Head replacement for a circulating power pump.

Original Replacement Part with discharge head for Calpine

The biggest problem our Ruhrpumpen engineers faced were vibration issues with the existing pump, an old installation of a Byron Jackson Pump, for which they proposed an original replacement part with discharge head for a72RXL.

Assisted with a FEA (Finite element Analysis), our engineering team analyzed and outlined the design adjustments necessary to reduce the vibration issues and developed the drawings for the newly engineered part.

In only two weeks, our team was ready to present the final technical solution to Calpine. Thanks to the joint work of our AM, Engineering and Sales team, it was managed to make the on-time shipment of the requested part, which was of vital essence for Calpine to have the least downtime possible.

“The circulating water pump discharge head was installed during the Unit 13 overhaul. The installation went smooth with all the critical dimensions of the assembly matching the existing pump components. Thank you for your firms engineering and fabrication capabilities with these major pump components. We look forward to future project success with you.”

Walt Southall – Maintenance Manager

Since the installation, which ran smoothly in the field, the pump has been in service with no operational issues to report. Ruhrpumpen was selected based on its demonstrated capabilities to provide innovative and efficient solutions and technical services to the power generation market.

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