Pump Rebowl of Johnston Vertical Pump

The world’s biggest lithium producer chose RP for the repair of an old Johnston vertical pump in Chile.

Vertical Pump Bowl Assembly Replacement

Replacing the bowl assembly of your vertical turbine pump can give new life to your pump without disturbing the existing piping and keeping some of the original parts.

Non-coupling side (axial) bearing placement procedure for centrifugal pumps

While its purpose is simple, when a bearing fails, it can cause problems and even compromise the pump's life. Drawbacks can be avoided by following this simple procedure.

Ruhrpumpen and Wolong Electric partnership

Ruhrpumpen and Wolong partner in the development of pumping equipment for the Missan Oil Field in Iraq

Ruhrpumpen Witten test bed

Ruhrpumpen will expand its German pump testing facility in Witten.

VCT Molten Salt Pump by Ruhrpumpen

Ruhrpumpen's engineering team designed a vertical molten salt pump for a concentrated solar power plant developed by Yumen Xinneng.