Tailor-made pumps for water and wastewater applications

Thanks to our current globalization, our economic growth and our technical development, the daily demand of water in all corners of the world becomes of greater importance.

In Ruhrpumpen, we provide reliable and high quality water and wastewater pump systems for domestic, municipal and industrial applications. Recent statistics show that global water consumption has been twice that of the population growth and meeting this demand has become a key environmental and economic challenge for many countries.

Reliable and environmentally friendly pumping solutions for water and wastewater applications such as:

Clean water

  • Water extraction
  • Water treatment
  • Water transport and distribution
  • Ground water development and irrigation
  • Snowmaking
  • Desalination


  • Wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Sewage treatment
  • Industrial waste water
  • Flood control and dewatering
  • Municipal wastewater disposal

 Pumps for Water and Wastewater

NSF ANSI 61/372 compliant pumps

Understanding the importance of delivering clean, safe drinking water to millions of people worldwide, Ruhrpumpen manufacture horizontal split case and vertical turbine pump assemblies that complies with the latest lead-free requirements of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.

NSF/ANSI 61 means that our pumps meets the strict industry standards without the risk of contaminants leaching into your drinking water and NSF/ANSI 372 means they are certified to meet the 0.25 percent lead-free requirements.

NSF-certified Ruhrpumpen pumps include: